“Great travel writing consists of equal parts curiosity, vulnerability and vocabulary.”- Tom Miller


I had allllll the good intentions of starting a blog around 3 months ago. I excitidly (is that even a word) left Cornwall, bag packed, boyfriend by my side, journal and pen poised at the ready to document my travels round Asia. But yeah that never happened.

I knew in my last year of uni that I wanted to travel after I had completed my degree but I didn’t realise how long it would take us to save a decent amount. But we got there! And during that year of saving my passion for travel just grew and grew.

During the 2ish months of travelling Southeast Asia (could have stayed longer, would love to see the parts we didn’t get to) we were so busy exploring and experiencing a culture we’ve never seen before, I didn’t get round to writing down our adventures (partly laziness, my bad).

I enjoyed English at college and weirdly found essay writing quite fun at uni so I thought my travels would provide me with the opportunity to do some travel writing and actually something interesting to write about but that didn’t go quite to plan. So I’m trying that out now I’m in Australia.