Our mini Tazzy adventure

When ever Tasmania used to come on tv or I used to see it on a map, it just made me think of the Tasmanian devil and apart from that I didn’t know much about the island. I never even considered I would get the chance to go and explore it so I was very excited when we booked our trip. Myself and my boyfriend decided on a 3 day mini holiday due to not wanting to take too much time off work but we both agreed we could have spent at least a week there. Maybe we will one day.

We stayed in Hobart for the 3 days and hired a car so we weren’t restricted on just the Hobart area and didn’t have to rely on public transport. It was definitely the best decision as it was very cheap for petrol and we got a good deal on a hire car (85 dollars). Plus my boyfriend Gary missed driving so he was looking forward to that. We flew there as Gary found pretty cheap flights and it’s obviously a lot quicker than the ferry. As this was a mini break for us, not backpacking like we did in Asia, convenience and comfort took priority over price (within reason).





We arrived in Hobart early afternoon, grabbed our car and went straight to our hotel to check in. It was only a 20 minute max drive but in that time we saw so many mountains and the countryside which made me realise how much I’ve actually missed the green scenery and fresh air that I’m used to at home (Cornwall, UK). The weather was beautiful, sunny, clear skies and between 18-22 degrees. So pretty perfect for what we wanted to do whilst we were there.

We stayed in the town centre so it was only a quick walk to find lunch and we had a short look around the centre of Hobart but we were keen to go and explore. We drove to mount Nelson lookout which provides amazing views of Hobart. It was only a 20 minute drive and very easy to find. There is a bus route there if you are using public transport. The roads were quite steep with sharp bends but nothing like we were going to experience the next day! We realised pretty much most Tasmanian roads were like that. I’m a nervous passenger so that was the only bad thing about Tazzy for me.

When we got there, there was a little car park and cafe and a beautiful view. We both agreed if we lived here it would be our ‘chill out’ place.

What also made it a relaxing spot was that there were several comfy beanbags scattered for the public to use and appreciate the view. We did go for a walk to try and get in front of all the trees for an even better view but after a while we gave up haha.


This was our one full day here so we had planned to go and see Wineglass Bay. It took 3 hours each way to drive to but it was so worth it!

As you can see from the map, it was a long way. Wineglass Bay is part of Freycinet national park and is one of the routes out of many available. If we go again during a warmer month we would love to go back to Freycinet and explore more of the routes and see more of the bays and mountains there. We thought it would be nice when it’s warmer because they’re the perfect places to take picnics and chill out on the beaches.

The drive was long but we saw so much of the island on the way. It’s so beautiful and is actually the first time we’ve seen a bit of rural Australia since we’ve been in the country. We did stop for a 10 minute break around halfway at a place called the Rocky Hills and I had a quick walk on the beach. The sand was so soft and a beautiful light golden colour. What we both noticed about Tazzy was the clear sea. Everywhere we went it looked so clear, clean, blue and just made you want to jump in.

When we got to Freycinet park there was a 20 dollar fee per car which isn’t much considering all money goes towards keeping the park running. From there we had a walk to the top of the mountain to a lookout to see Wineglass Bay. It took us around 45 minutes and although it wasn’t easy, I reckon most fitness levels can do it as it’s not overly steep or a dangerous terrain and there’s plenty of resting stops. It was definitely worth the journey!

We even met this little fella in the carpark!


As we had to leave for the airport early afternoon we couldn’t stray too far from Hobart so we went down to where the Salamanca Market is every weekend. Unfortunately it was mid-week so we didn’t get to experience the market but hopefully one day we will! Instead we had breakfast at Rendzvous cafe which was amazing I highly recommend it. And had a browse round their shops and the Salamanca area. It’s a very nice, modern area and it’s right on the harbour where hundreds of boats are docked. I can imagine on the weekend it’s bustling and a good place to go for a weekend drink.

I absolutely loved being back in the countryside and exploring a different part of Australia. I hope that we come back one day and visit the north and west side of the island. Even though it’s small in comparison to the mainland, there’s still so much to do especially if you love the outdoors. It really reminded me of home and was a great break from suburban Melbourne.

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