City love

Myself and my boyfriend Gary have been living in Melbourne for 7 months now. I just want to do a short post about the city because we love it. It reminds me a lot of London as you have the range of cultures and the abundance of things to do/see but unlike London there’s more of a laid back vibe which I love.

I guess most cities have a variety of people living and working in them so there’s always a range of cultures. And from the cities I’ve been to there’s always been lots to do. But what I love about Melbourne is that you can just walk down the streets for hours and not get bored. It reminds me of doing this in London when I lived there whilst at university. Especially at night when the city was lit up and everyone was a bit more chilled out and not in ‘work mode’. And there was always free things to do which was an added bonus. Comedy shows, plays, independent film showings, all for free if you were willing to travel into the city, wander the streets and be a bit spontaneous.

But Melbourne never feels like it’s in ‘work mode’. I love the little alleyways filled with cafes and packed with people drinking coffee or something stronger. I love the street art. I love the huge architecturally amazing buildings, old and new. I don’t think I could ever get bored with Melbourne city but at the same time I love the countryside.

Here’s some pictures I’ve taken over the past 7 months.


On the bridge overlooking Southbank
Queen Vic markets
St Kilda Pier looking over to the city
Federation Square
Hosier Lane famous for its street art

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